Lumina Grand EC Floor Plan

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Finding the Perfect Lumina Grand Floor Plan


Embarking on the journey to purchase a new launch condo like Lumina Grand can be both exciting and overwhelming. Navigating through the plethora of floor plan options can leave you feeling confused. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into how to understand, compare, and customize floor plans to suit your needs. We’ll also explore the role of virtual tours and showflats in making an informed decision. Read on to find the perfect Lumina Grand floor plan for you.


  • Understanding different types of floor plans can guide your decision for a new launch condo.
  • Key features to consider include space utilization, natural light, ventilation, functionality, and flow.
  • Use resources like virtual tours and showflats to make an informed choice.

Understanding Floor Plans

Floor plans at Lumina Grand can be broadly categorized into single-level and multi-level, depending on your lifestyle and requirements. As you peruse the floor plans, pay attention to the layout of rooms, dimensions, and the natural flow of space. Make sure you look for ample natural light and ventilation, as these factors contribute to a healthy and enjoyable living experience.

Types of Floor Plans

Just like the variety available in other condos such as Lentor Modern and Amo Residence, Lumina Grand also offers various floor plans. These may range from traditional to contemporary and custom designs.

Reading Floor Plans

Familiarize yourself with architectural symbols and measurements to understand the floor plans better. Knowing how to read a floor plan can help you make sense of room sizes, window placements, and the overall flow of the apartment.

Key Features to Look For

Space Utilization

Effective use of space is paramount for a comfortable living experience. Make sure the floor plan you choose makes optimal use of available space, offering efficient storage solutions and perhaps even multi-functional furniture.

Natural Light and Ventilation

A well-lit and well-ventilated home not only enhances your living experience but also promotes a healthier lifestyle. Look for floor plans with large windows, well-placed ventilation, and possibly even skylights.

Functionality and Flow

Consider how the space will be used and how you move from one area of the home to another. The layout should offer a smooth flow to suit your day-to-day activities.

Working with an Interior Designer

To tailor your home according to your needs, you may want to engage an interior designer. They can help optimize space, improve natural light and ventilation, and ensure a functional layout, adding a touch of uniqueness to your home.

Comparing Floor Plans

Location and Amenities

Lumina Grand’s location and nearby amenities can greatly impact your quality of life. Assess these factors in context to understand how they contribute to the overall value proposition.

Price and Value

Align your budget and expectations. Compare prices and evaluate the long-term value of your investment, especially in relation to other condos in the area.

Developer Reputation

Researching Lumina Grand’s developer can give you confidence in your decision. A reputable developer is a good indicator of quality and reliability.

Virtual Tours and Showflats

Benefits of Virtual Tours

Virtual tours provide a convenient and safe way to explore Lumina Grand from the comfort of your home, offering a detailed understanding of what to expect.

Visiting Showflats

For a more tactile experience, consider visiting Lumina Grand’s showflats. Take this opportunity to observe the quality of construction, fixtures, and finishes, and to ask questions.


Understanding and selecting the perfect Lumina Grand floor plan involves careful consideration of various factors, from the type of floor plan and key features to comparisons with other new launch condos. Utilize virtual tours and showflats as valuable resources to help you make an informed decision. After all, your new home should not just meet your basic requirements; it should enhance your quality of life for years to come.