Location Map via OneMap: Lumina Grand EC at Bukit Batok West Avenue 5 Developed by CDL

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A Historic Tapestry – The Evolution of Bukit Batok

Bukit Batok‘s long and varied history makes it an incredibly compelling place to live, adding depth and meaning to its community. Even its intriguing name offers insight into its turbulent past: from ‘coughing hills’ that echo back the sounds of its once-thriving granite quarry to coconut-laden landscapes as described by Javanese speakers – its presence bears testimony to both past triumphs and setbacks alike. Beyond its linguistic roots, however, Bukit Batok bears all the scars and victories of history itself

Bukit Batok was an important center during World War II and featured memorials honoring Japanese and British soldiers alike. While these memorials have since been dismantled, their remnants still serve as somber yet educational reminders of Singapore’s varied past. Additionally, its rich historical background features numerous industrial landmarks – Ford Motors Factory and Hume Industries once stood proudly within this neighborhood.

From its humble roots as a temporary housing community in the 1960s, Bukit Batok has seen dramatic transformation thanks to comprehensive urban planning. Now boasting modern infrastructure such as state-of-the-art drainage system and numerous amenities for residents.

Today, Bukit Batok’s journey is more about its future than its past. The area has transformed into a family-centric hub with all modern amenities–shopping centers, schools, nature parks and dining establishments–making its history something residents actively contribute to today and shaping into something meaningful and sustainable for tomorrow.